The Dictatorship of the Illiteriat begins

hith-white-house-attacks-eSo it begins.

Starting today, America is being governed by a class of people who believe they know more about the military challenges we face than the military.

They believe they know more about the economy than Nobel Prize-winning economists who warned us about the consequences of the policies they intend to enact.

They believe they know more about education than educators, more about climate science than climate scientists, more about the age of the earth than geologists, more about the human psyche than psychologists and psychiatrists. They know more about the development of life on earth than anthropologists, paleontologists and biologists. They know more about disease than the American Medical Association.

They have, we are assured, the highest collective IQ of any cabinet assembled in the history of this country. Never mind that the incoming Secretary of Energy had to be told, after his nomination, what the Department of Energy (which he once proposed to eliminate) actually does. He’ll be replacing an actual nuclear physicist. We’ll have to assume the IQ difference between the outgoing and the incoming administration will have to have been made up elsewhere.

And if you happen to disagree with those who believe they are smarter than the generals, smarter than Nobel Prize-winning economists, smarter than geologists and paleontologists and psychologists and sociologists and biologists and doctors and nuclear physicists, well, you must be an elitist.

The concept of irony is lost on these people. As is the concept of hypocrisy.

Our government is being led by a man who looked people straight in the eye and said something that has happened twice before in recent memory, an inaugural concert at the Lincoln Memorial, had never happened before yesterday. And it’s true because he said so. Just like he never mocked a disabled reporter, because he said so. Just like he has the utmost respect for the women, because he said so. And the Hispanics, because he said so. And the blacks, because he said so. The fact that his deeds undercut his words so relentlessly and consistently is irrelevant.

Whatever. His opponents lost. Criticism is parried with the epithet of “snowflake.” Reciprocation is dismissed, without a hint of irony, as “namecalling.” People who never interact with anyone outside their own white Christian conservative demographic get to accuse everyone else, those of us who live in cities where we encounter people of different races and classes and cultures on an hourly basis, of living in a bubble.

And then it hits, like the worst, most cynical and depressing realization possible. Words have lost meaning.

We have entered the Dictatorship of the Illiteriat.

Best wishes to the President of the United States. I have never hoped to be more wrong about anything in my entire life.


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