I’m not the first to embrace moderate extremism. And look! I’m not the last, either!

The Michigan Moderate

While I promise I didn’t yank the term from his website, I stumbled across Rafael Olmeda’s post about moderate extremism, “What is a Moderate Extremist?”  In it he rather poetically shows the back and forth views of Americans and implies their views stay firmly planted in the middle.

While I don’t refute what Mr. Olmeda says, I would like to add that my view of Moderate Extremism is a little different, and is why I started this blog.  Moderate Extremism is more about the enthusiasm for being a centrist.  Many Americans think a moderate/centrist just picks the middle way every time, which removes from those people the legitimacy of their own, independent ideas.

I am a moderate extremist not because I will always triangulate to the middle, but because, at the present time, the views I firmly hold fall somewhere in the middle of America’s political spectrum.

So where…

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