UNITY should welcome NABJ members to Las Vegas

Some of the discussion about what will happen now that NABJ has pulled out of the UNITY: Journalists of Color coalition centers around whether NABJ members will be welcome at the UNITY conference in Las Vegas next year. One answer that was floated around (not an official UNITY answer, but an educated presumption) was that NABJers could pay the non-member registration fee to attend UNITY or join one of the remaining groups (NAHJ, AAJA, NAJA) to get the membership registration rate.

This is just a suggestion: NABJ members should not have to join another association to get the membership rate at UNITY 2012.

NABJ members who choose to attend UNITY 2012 will either be doing so in addition to the NABJ convention that year or instead of it. While I would encourage NABJ members to support their association by attending NABJ 2012, I would also encourage them to support UNITY.

A strong NABJ membership showing at UNITY 2012 is a concrete way to show that support. UNITY should do whatever it can to encourage it.

Would NABJ members attend two conventions? It wouldn’t be unprecedented. I know Black and Latino NLGJA members who make room for two conventions a year (and I’m sure there are those in NAJA and AAJA who do so as well: I just don’t know them).

The bottom line is that this is no time to nickel and dime NABJ members who might want to attend UNITY 2012.

We are still allies.


2 thoughts on “UNITY should welcome NABJ members to Las Vegas

  1. This is one NABJ member whom would be more inclined to attend the UNITY convention than the NABJ counter-convention. But I might have to attend as an unaffiliated registrant. After this year I don’t know if I even want to be a member of NABJ anymore (and I’ve probably ticked off enough of the NABJ leadership for them to hope I’m not).


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