Michele Salcedo for President of NAHJ

For the first time since 2002, there is a contested election for the presidency of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists. I had not planned to issue an endorsement in this race.

Nonetheless, I feel strongly about my support for Michele Salcedo, and I cannot be shy about expressing why.

Michele and I became friends in the late 1990s in New York, and from the beginning I saw that she was a no-nonsense leader who got things done. She did it by helping to organize numerous events that drew members to NAHJ, and she often did it with little credit.

When she moved to South Florida, she took the reins of an NAHJ region in decline after successfully putting on the 1998 convention in Miami. She turned it around and laid the groundwork that led to the area’s revitalization. She later became secretary of NAHJ and then at-large officer, always playing a key leadershipo role in surveying the membership and helping the organization set a direction to meet members’ needs.

And few can deny the masterful job she did organizing the 2006 convention in Fort Lauderdale.

If Michele had chosen then to run for president, I would likely have stepped aside to support the superior candidate. She’s running now, and I’m proud to support her.

Michele understands what our members and our industry are going through. She knows how it feels to be laid off and fight your way back into the business, because she’s done it. And I have no doubt that she will lead NAHJ into a bright, relevant future.

I am proud to see a contested race for the NAHJ presidency, and I salute Hugo Balta’s commitment to our worthy cause. But now that it’s time to cast a ballot, I cannot in good conscience be silent about my support for Michele Salcedo.


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